Spike protein in CCP Virus vaccine caused shedding, bleeding and brain damage says study

U.S. 05/05/21, 01:35

Patients might experience adverse reactions after being immunized against COVID-19, a conservative lobby group warns. America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) warned anyone thinking about being vaccinating against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus should reconsider. Primary health professionals detailed several cases where three experimental CCP Virus vaccines caused viral shedding, irregular vaginal bleeding, and ...

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine rollout paused due to reported blood clots

News 04/14/21, 17:24

Johnson & Johnson’s Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus or COVID-19 vaccination program is being paused under a U.S. health officials' recommendation made on Tuesday, April 13 until an investigation into cases of post-vaccination blood clots is completed. Officials told reporters in a call that 7.2 million doses of the J&J vaccine ...

New York: COVID appears 3 weeks after getting Johnson & Johnson vaccine

U.S. 04/10/21, 19:38

One woman who managed to avoid being infected with the CCP Virus (COVID-19) received the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) one-shot vaccine only to discover she then got the virus. Ashley Allen, 31, from Brooklyn, spoke to The New York Post by phone while quarantined in her Williamsburg apartment. She told her ...

15 million doses of CCP Virus vaccine were ruined due to manufacturing error

U.S. 04/06/21, 03:09

In March, a government-approved COVID-19 vaccine provider was forced to discard 15 million doses of the one-shot Johnson and Johnson (J&J) vaccine after human error caused a vaccine mix-up. Emergent BioSolutions is a contractor for J&J, and they also produce ingredients for AstraZeneca's vaccine. The J&J product was mistakenly combined with ...

15 million Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses discarded after ingredient mix-up

U.S. 04/04/21, 01:59

A mishap that occurred in March caused a potentially massive disruption in the nationwide supply chain of CCP Virus (coronavirus) vaccine. Workers at Emergent BioSolutions, a contractor for Johnson & Johnson, a government-approved COVID-19 vaccine provider, last month was forced to throw out 15 million doses of the J&J vaccine after ...

Mind-altering, ketamine-like drug OK’d for severe depression

Treatment 03/05/19, 21:28

A mind-altering medication related to the club drug Special K won U.S. approval Tuesday for patients with hard-to-treat depression, the first in a series of long-overlooked substances being reconsidered for severe forms of mental illness. The nasal spray from Johnson & Johnson is a chemical cousin of ketamine, which has been ...

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