Alaska GOP scraps 2020 presidential primary, helping President Trump

2022 Campaign 09/21/19, 19:44

The Alaska Republican Party has canceled holding a presidential primary in 2020. In a statement Saturday, the party's State Central Committee passed a rule saying a primary "would serve no useful purpose" because Republican Donald Trump is president. Earlier this month, Republican leaders in Nevada, South Carolina and Kansas voted to scrap ...

President Trump calls GOP Rivals for 2020 ‘Three Stooges’

2022 Campaign 08/28/19, 05:44

President Donald Trump on Tuesday night, Aug. 27, mocked three GOP opponents who are running or might run against him as the "Three Stooges" and predicted he'll win easily. "Can you believe it? I'm at 94% approval in the Republican Party, and have Three Stooges running against me," the president tweeted. ...

Joe Walsh: I lost my radio show after launching Trump challenge

2022 Campaign 08/27/19, 06:34

Joe Walsh, a presidential GOP candidate, claimed Monday night that he lost his national radio show in the days since he announced an effort to challenge President Trump. Walsh appeared on CNN and was asked how his main challenge to Trump affected his conservative radio program distributed by Salem Radio Network. "I ...

Second Republican to challenge President Trump in 2020 GOP primary

Politics 08/26/19, 05:47

Former Rep. Joe Walsh on Sunday, Aug. 25 announced his bid for the Republican presidential primary, becoming the second 2020 GOP candidate seeking to challenge President Donald Trump. Already in the race is former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, according to The Associated Press. Speaking on ABC’s “This Week,” Walsh, once a backer ...

Eagles’ Joe Walsh tells his addiction story at gala evening

Entertainment 10/09/18, 02:03

Eagles band member Joe Walsh and his wife, Marjorie Walsh, have been honored by the nonprofit Facing Addiction with NCADD for their support of the recovery movement.Sir Ringo Starr, from left, his wife Barbara Bach, honorees Marjorie Bach Walsh and husband Joe Walsh pose together at the Facing Addiction with ...

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