Hillary Clinton said she might run again

2022 Campaign 10/23/19, 17:21

The Blaze host Glenn Beck comments about Hillary Clinton's statement that she is actually considering a 2020 presidential run. According to Beck, the "double-stacked conspiracy theories," put forward by Mrs. Clinton labeling presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) and former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein "Russian assets" might suggest that ...

Some Sanders supporters struggle to move past 2016 fight

Politics 04/06/19, 01:16

It was hard to miss Cheri Pichone's excitement about Bernie Sanders' second presidential run. She showed up to a recent Iowa rally decked out in Sanders gear, complete with a figurine of the Vermont senator and progressive icon. But underneath her exuberance, the 36-year-old was still mad about the last Democratic ...

Review of Wisconsin voting machines could be made public

U.S. 01/30/19, 13:09

Election security experts are watching a Wisconsin court case stemming from the 2016 presidential recount that could result in the first public conclusions on whether closely guarded ballot-counting machines were hacked or failed to perform. The key question at the heart of the case is whether former Green Party presidential candidate ...

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