First lady accepts challenge of ‘healing’ the nation

U.S. 01/18/22, 03:38

Jill Biden reflected on her first year in the White House as a time of healing. The first lady claimed she did not expect to be so preoccupied with the worldwide pandemic, natural disasters, and political unrest during her first 12 months. "I did not kind of expect, which was like a ...

President Biden and first lady release their tax returns

U.S. 05/18/21, 18:19

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden released their tax returns on Monday, May 17, showing their significant decrease in earnings in recent years.  A release from the White House showed that, in the year that Biden entered the presidential race with Donald Trump, he and his wife only made $607,336 ...

Joe Biden nibbles on his wife’s finger during Iowa campaign speech

U.S. 12/01/19, 11:59

A recent photo of former Vice President Joe Biden biting his wife’s finger at a Nov. 30 campaign event has gone viral. At the Saturday event in Iowa, Jill Biden was making hand gestures during her speech, when her hand came close to her husband before he unexpectedly took her index ...

Joe Biden cuts back his campaign schedule, widens lead in new poll

U.S. 08/20/19, 16:24

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been the consistent leader in official polls since the race for the Democratic nomination began. As a candidate, however, Biden has not been among the more inspiring to a number of voters. His ideas are perceived to be mostly centrist, conventional, and largely unoriginal, at ...

Jill Biden christens Navy submarine at Virginia shipyard

U.S. 10/20/18, 15:31

The wife of former Vice President Joe Biden has christened the U.S. Navy's newest Virginia-class attack submarine.Jill Biden is the sponsor of the new USS Delaware. On Saturday, she broke a ceremonial bottle across the submarine's bow at a Virginia shipyard.Jill Biden, right, celebrates with Sen. Thomas Carper, center, and ...

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