Jon Voight blames leftists for the wave of anti-Semitism in the US

U.S. 05/25/21, 16:47

The renowned Christian and conservative actor Jon Voight, issued from his official Twitter account a harsh message against the so-called "free thinkers" and leftist theorists, blaming them for the growing anti-Semitic wave that currently tarnishes the United States. After a new conflict broke out between the State of Israel and pro-Palestinian ...

Anti-Semitic attacks spike, killing most Jews in decades

World 05/01/19, 09:13

Israeli researchers reported Wednesday that violent attacks against Jews spiked significantly last year, with the largest reported number of Jews killed in anti-Semitic acts in decades, leading to an "increasing sense of emergency" among Jewish communities worldwide. Capped by the deadly shooting that killed 11 worshippers at Pittsburgh's Tree of Life ...

Funeral for Polish nun who rescued Jews during Holocaust

Europe 11/22/18, 11:19

A Polish nun who was believed to be the oldest nun in the world and was recognized as a rescuer of Jews during the Holocaust was laid to rest on Thursday after dying last week at the age of 110.Sister Cecylia Roszak was remembered as modest and merciful as nuns ...

Days after synagogue massacre, online hate is thriving

U.S. 11/01/18, 10:21

A website popular with racists that was used by the man charged in the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre was shut down within hours of the slaughter, but it hardly mattered: Anti-Semites and racists who hang out in such havens just moved to other online forums. On Wednesday, four days after 11 people ...

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