Democratic Transport Secretary Buttigieg caught ‘misleading people’ with 19 million new jobs claim

Trending 04/12/21, 02:41

A Democrat, who advises the president on federal transport programs, allegedly misrepresented an infrastructure package's impact on unemployment. Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg was caught significantly exaggerating how many jobs the Joe Biden administration's $2 trillion infrastructure bill would create. Buttigieg and President Biden had suggested the proposal would directly result in 19 ...

White House refuses to back-pedal Biden’s remarks on Georgia voting law despite fact-check proving him wrong

Washington 04/05/21, 22:17

Joe Biden's administration is not backing down from the president's potentially false earlier statement that Georgia's new election law makes it harder for working people to vote. The White House refused to acknowledge President Biden was wrong to suggest the Peach State's recently enacted Senate Bill 202 would create obstacles for hard-working Georgians ...

Joe Biden’s ‘bad dog’ Major caught biting more White House employees

Trending 03/31/21, 00:37

President Joe Biden faces growing pressure to train his aggressive pet canine to be more obedient after Washington officials reported a second dog bite. Multiple Biden administration employees have suffered bites at the hands of the president's male German shepherd. The pet called Major allegedly thought it would be a good idea ...

White House says Biden will sign gun control executive orders

U.S. 03/26/21, 18:12

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday, March 26, confirmed that President Joe Biden intends to sign executive orders on gun control, circumventing the need for a divided Congress to pass legislation. “Yes,” Psaki told reporters at a briefing when asked about gun control executive orders. But she said the ...

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