Trump: ‘wokesters’ on US women’s soccer team lost Olympic gold

Soccer 08/06/21, 17:55

Donald Trump chastised the U.S. Women's Soccer Squad on Aug. 5. The former president blamed the team's "woke" politics for only winning bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. "If our soccer team, headed by a radical group of leftist maniacs, was not woke they would have won the gold medal instead of ...

Tokyo Olympics banning fans under state of COVID-19 emergency

News 07/08/21, 18:55

In a move to combat COVID-19, the Olympic Games in Tokyo venue will be held under state emergency without spectators, organizers announced on Thursday, July 8.  The decision was reached after five Olympic and Japanese government groups consulted together over the potential threats of the lethal disease.  "We reached an agreement on ...

Foreign journalists to be tracked by GPS during Tokyo Olympics

World 06/08/21, 16:23

On Tuesday, June 8, Tokyo Olympics director Seiko Hashimoto said foreign journalists attending to cover the event will have their movements monitored by GPS and their passes will be cancelled if they do not comply with the rules, AFP reported.  Organizers are expecting around 6,000 reporters to attend and say they ...

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