Capitol police opening field offices to investigate threats to lawmakers

U.S. 07/07/21, 02:39

U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) on Tuesday, July 6 announced that they would install two regional field offices in California and Florida to investigate threats to congressional members in the wake of more security after the Capitol riot on January 6.  "It has been six months since rioters attacked the United States ...

Did the FBI participate in the Capitol Siege?

U.S. 06/17/21, 16:29

More than five months have passed since the riot at the Capitol on January 6, which allegedly was incited by former president Donald Trump’s “not concede” slogan to challenge the 2020 election outcome that he and his supporters believe was rigged, questions on the FBI’s tainted involvement is gaining more ...

Video footage shows protesters were allowed to enter the Capitol on January 6

U.S. 05/20/21, 04:51

The latest record of the conversation between protesters and Capitol police officers provides a sneak peek into what really happened inside the Capitol on January 6.  The rumble footage published on May 16 demonstrated a very calm and peaceful exchange between the officers of the Capitol and protesters, in which the ...

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