Tucker Carlson: ‘We won’t shut up,’ demands more information from the FBI

D.C. 06/21/21, 05:52

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has further criticized the FBI and Democrat party about their transparency on the information about the insurrection incident on Jan. 6. Carlson referred to the investigation report from Revolver News that raises the question of whether certain members of "far-right extremist groups" who have gone unindicted ...

465 Capitol riot cases reported, none charged with sedition so far

Washington 06/05/21, 18:27

Hundreds of rioters surged into the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, smashing windows, ramming up stairwells, and sending politicians and law officers fleeing for their lives. The massive influx of protestors into the Capitol that day presented federal officials with an equally daunting task: identifying and prosecuting those responsible. About 465 ...

Military occupation of Washington has become permanent under Democrats

D.C. 03/15/21, 18:50

When President Biden celebrated the Democrats victory over former President Trump, on Jan. 20, his inauguration was surrounded with barbed wire, military patrolling the streets, and an underlying threat of political repression. Twenty-five thousand National Guard were deployed to Washington to act as a deterrent against a nonexistent threat from Americans. There ...

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