Chinese spokesman: Regime would attack U.S. military if it defends Taiwan

D.C. 12/10/21, 15:32

After the National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan supported Taiwan by declaring that his country would ensure that a seizure of the island "never happens," an official spokesman of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) issued a strong reaction. The Global Times, which produces the CCP's propaganda, stated that the Chinese army "will ...

Top Biden official reportedly implicated in the ‘Russia collusion’

Washington 11/09/21, 22:41

Two sources with knowledge of John Durham's ongoing investigations into the origin of the "Russia collusion—which prompted the first impeachment attempt against Trump—confirmed to Fox News that Jake Sullivan, the current White House national security adviser, is implicated in the investigation. While the Fox News report specifically clarifies Jake Sullivan is ...

Surprise meeting between US national security adviser and top CCP diplomat

China 10/06/21, 16:56

The Biden administration will send White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan to a private meeting with China's top foreign policy adviser Yang Jiechi in Switzerland this week, the White House announced on Oct. 5.  The surprise meeting was announced amid heightened tensions between the two governments following a series of disagreements ...

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