China region gives legal basis for Muslim internment camps

World 10/10/18, 09:53

China's far-northwestern region of Xinjiang has revised legislation to provide a legal basis for internment camps where up to 1 million Muslims are being held amid mounting international criticism.New clauses adopted by the regional government officially permit the use of "education and training centers" to reform "people influenced by extremism."Chinese ...

Man with hammer hacks Algeria statue of bare-breasted woman

Africa 10/09/18, 06:20

A man with a hammer on Tuesday attacked and damaged a statue of a bare-breasted woman, an emblem of the eastern city of Setif, in the latest in a series of such attacks.Setif communications director Mohamed Touiri said that a Salafist, someone who adheres to a conservative brand of Islam, ...

Ceaseless persecution marks the Yazidis’ history

World 10/05/18, 07:02

Over the past centuries, the Yazidi community, one of Iraq's oldest religious minorities, has repeatedly been subjected to brutal attacks leaving thousands of its members dead. One of their worst subjugations occurred four years ago with the rise of the extremist Islamic State group.IS committed genocide and other crimes against ...

Indonesia blasphemy woman endures cramped cell, bad food

World 09/27/18, 01:34

A rights group says the Indonesian woman imprisoned for blasphemy after complaining about noise from a mosque is sharing a cramped cell with 16 other women and given "terrible" food.Human Rights Watch researcher Andreas Harsono said the ethnic Chinese woman, Meiliana, was emotional but tough when he and other supporters ...

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