US prepared to remove sanctions on Iran, resume nuclear deal

U.S. 04/10/21, 03:00

The U.S. State Department declared that it is ready to lift sanctions against Iran to restore compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the formal term for the 2015 Iran agreement. "We are prepared to take the steps necessary to return to compliance with the JCPOA, including by lifting ...

UN investigator accuses Iran of “egregious” human rights violations

Middle East 03/11/21, 19:22

UN Special Rapporteur Javaid Rehman told members of the Human Rights Council that Iran committed "egregious" human rights violations. The regime should be held accountable for a brutal crackdown on political and religious freedom, at least since public protests occurred in 2019, according to the March 10 Voice of America.  "It is ...

Iran, a global threat: Continued noncompliance with nuclear agreement

Middle East 01/15/21, 14:42

Iran has begun work on uranium metal-based fuel for a research reactor, the U.N. nuclear watchdog announced Wednesday, Jan. 13, and Tehran quickly confirmed. The news implies the last break of the nuclear agreement signed between Iran and six main powers. Iran has been accelerating its breaches of the nuclear agreement ...

Venezuela gets tough hit: US diverts four tankers with Iranian fuel

South America 08/15/20, 12:58

The United States managed to intercept and divert four tankers thus thwarting another attempt by Venezuela's dictator, Nicolás Maduro, to import oil from Iran in violation of the sanctions imposed on his regime. U.S. Judge Jeb Boasberg issued the order to seize more than 1.1 million barrels of petroleum transported on ...

Iran defies US blockade and triples its oil exports

Middle East 04/29/20, 12:54

Tanker Tracking reported that Iran tripled its oil deliveries to Syria, defying export restrictions imposed by the United States and the European Union. Tanker Tracking satellite-tracked the large tanker that left Iran and docked at the Port of Baniyas in Tartous Governorate, Syria, according to an April 28 tweet. Syria has now ...

Iran holds Christians imprisoned for their faith amid outbreak of the CCP Virus

Middle East 03/27/20, 13:02

Iran's theocratic regime refuses to release several Christians imprisoned for exercising their right to religious freedom, even though it has released 85,000 prisoners, including political prisoners, amid the CCP (Chinese Communist Part) Virus outbreak. "We at Article18 ask for the immediate and unconditional release of all Christians detained on spurious charges ...

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