Program shows promise of removing pythons from Everglades

U.S. 06/15/19, 02:01

Charlie 5 had no plans to move that hot June morning. The 9-foot-long Burmese python was comfortably nestled in a muddy hollow, well-hidden in a thicket of saw grass and alligator flag in Big Cypress National Preserve.His tracking device gave him away. He didn't like it, but he had visitors."There ...

United Nations to offer first report on global biodiversity

Europe 05/05/19, 23:02

Top scientists will tell the world Monday how bad off Mother Nature is.The United Nations plans to issue its first comprehensive scientific report on biodiversity, looking hard at the threat of extinction for Earth's plant and animal species and what it means for humanity.Report Chairman Robert Watson said last month ...

Senate OKs Coast Guard bill with ballast water compromise

Enviroment 11/14/18, 18:53

The U.S. Senate approved a compromise policy Wednesday on dumping ship ballast water in coastal ports and the Great Lakes, a practice blamed for spreading invasive species that damage the environment and the economy.The plan, part of a $10.6 billion Coast Guard budget authorization bill, includes provisions sought by environmentalists ...

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