Xi Jinping’s confusing signal on Taiwan: Strategy or weakness?

China 08/18/22, 17:38

After weeks out of the public eye, Chinese leader Xi Jinping showed up at the national monument commemorating the defeat of the Kuomintang nationalist army and the beginning of the Communist Party's predominance over Imperial China.  Is this public appearance by Xi at a place of historical significance for the Communist ...

Chinese jets enter Taiwan’s airspace while Russia and Ukraine are at war

China 02/25/22, 15:57

The President of Ukraine declared a state of war across the country after Russia deployed ground forces and airforce to this country. When the international situation was tense, the Chinese joint planes harassed the southwest airspace on Wednesday, February 23, marking the 12th intrusion this month. According to the broadcast and ...

China is quietly hoarding food from around the world, according to imports data

China 12/30/21, 20:31

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in China, there have been occasional reports of food crises in the country where its authorities have never admitted the shortage but insisted it enjoyed good harvests every year. Yet, now data is making clear that the Chinese government is hoarding food, somewhat frantically.  According to ...

Former Japan PM Abe warns of consequences if China attacks Taiwan

China 12/17/21, 03:39

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Japan, the United States and Taiwan need to boost cooperation in various fields, including technology and information exchanges, amid the Chinese Communist Party’s aggression. Speaking at a security summit in Taipei on Dec. 14, Abe urged Taiwan to rise and spread its democracy ...

Retired general decodes Beijing’s military encounters in Taiwan

China 11/01/21, 15:58

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) recently increased military pressure on Taiwan through frequently sending military planes to Taiwan's southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ). Former Air Force Deputy Commander Zhang Yan-ting analyzed different CCP aircraft and ships, and suspects mainland Chinese forces will take five steps to attack the island. These steps ...

Chinese regime taunts Taiwan with military drills near island

China 08/17/21, 22:39

Beijing launched new air and sea attack drills near Taiwan to intimidate the breakaway province on Aug. 16. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deployed warships, fighter jets, and anti-submarine aircraft southwest and southeast of the island. The order came in response to what the CCP calls "external interference and provocations by ...

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