The world is not ready to withstand a solar superstorm, says expert

Science 10/08/21, 15:53

Solar flares are returning, but now as the world is becoming more dependent on digital networking, is an internet apocalypse expected when the next solar storm happens? Notorious for damaging teleconnection, it is believable that the current hyper-modernized 21st world is, unfortunately, most vulnerable if a solar storm, or Coronal Mass ...

Gigantic cyber theft: Hacking of more than 8.4 billion passwords revealed

U.S. 06/09/21, 18:17

A hacker forum user posted more than 8.4 billion passwords, breaking records for the largest collection of computer system user privacy breaches in recorded history.  The huge 100 gigabytes (GB) TXT file claimed to contain 82 billion passwords, but an analysis of the data provided revealed that the records amounted to ...

China’s 5G components have ‘COV–19’ label on hard drive

Tech 05/03/21, 03:32

When the United States and China announced their intention of world dominance with a 6G internet service earlier in February, reminders of China's untrustworthiness in the 5G network resurfaced. Footage shared last year indicates a connection between the 5G network developed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with COVID-19 or ...

Canadian Liberals move to censor mean words against politicians with internet law

Politics 04/10/21, 03:45

Justin Trudeau's Heritage Minister has proposed that internet censors try to ban derogatory language directed at politicians. This occurred shortly after Steven Guilbeault voiced his concern about online hatred, which was brought to light during the pandemic. Canadians relied on digital communications to stay linked and updated. According to Blacklock's Reporter, he ...

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