Alibaba marketplace stays on US government piracy blacklist

Business 04/25/19, 10:23

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group remains on the U.S. government's annual list of "notorious markets" that peddle counterfeit products.The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative said Thursday that Alibaba's on-line marketplace continues sell "high volumes" of pirated goods, according ...

US charges against Huawei could inflame China trade talks

Politics 01/29/19, 00:31

The Trump administration's unveiling of criminal charges against the Chinese tech giant Huawei has complicated high-level talks set to begin Wednesday in Washington that are intended to defuse the trade war between the administration and Beijing. The Justice Department charged Monday ...

China again tops UN agency’s ranking of top patent filers

World 12/03/18, 09:50

A U.N. agency says China has issued the most international patent applications for an eighth straight year, showing the country's heft in intellectual property amid U.S. President Donald Trump's accusation that the growing Asia power steals it. The World Intellectual Property ...

A sharing economy for plants: Seed libraries are sprouting up

Business 11/20/18, 21:30

Thanksgiving may be uniquely American, but its core spirit was exported from harvest festivals stretching back for millennia. Its essence is being grateful for what one has, while noting a duty to share one’s good fortune. In my new book, “The Food Sharing Revolution: How ...

Xi’s latest promises of economic openness ring hollow

World 11/13/18, 21:44

Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke at China’s first International Import Expo in Shanghai earlier this month, reiterating familiar promises that China will improve access to trade, facilitate investment, and protect intellectual property. He and President Donald Trump will meet to discuss outstanding trade ...

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