Half-eaten shark keeps hunting for new prey

News 11/25/21, 15:34

A marine predator refused to give up on the hunt despite losing about half of its body mass. A shark brushed off severe injuries from being half-eaten, and continued to search for food. The oceanic blacktip was recently trapped and brutally bitten multiple times by bull sharks that each weighed 300 to ...

‘Mom’ receives inspiring Valentine’s message at Cleveland Clinic

U.S. 02/15/20, 15:52

A Cleveland Clinic visitor made a simple gesture this Valentine's Day to inspire courage so that their loved one gets through treatment. "Mom be brave," along with a symbolic ribbon, was spelled out in the snow by someone at Cleveland Clinic’s main campus. “To the person who wrote it, you’ve touched our ...

Native American student who was homeless and hungry receives doctorate degree

U.S. 11/27/19, 13:29

A Native American student, who was homelessness, was determined to complete his undergrad and graduate degrees despite all the odds. Dakota Kay, a 26-year-old doctoral graduate, hoped his story may help inspire those who are struggling to follow their dreams. Although Dakota grew up in humble beginnings in the Navajo Nation in ...

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