Inner Mongolia: Three suns appear, people are afraid of bad omens

Trending 11/23/22, 14:34 Recently, in China, there have been frequent anomalies. On November 21, three suns appeared in the sky over Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia, and lasted about 5 hours. This event came just three months after the three suns in Chongqing in August. The fact that the three suns are appearing so ...

Offshore laws, secret bases threaten China’s neighbors

Trending 11/04/22, 14:20

The blingûe model in education is key within the ideological component that drives Chinese imperialism against its occupied regions, because it promotes loyalty to the Communist Party (CCP).The blingûe model promotes eliminating or reducing the use of the mother tongue. It is one of the widely used tactics of forced assimilation. ...

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