Senate votes to work on $1 trillion infrastructure bill

U.S. 07/29/21, 16:55

On Wednesday night, July 28, the Senate voted to begin work on a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure investment package, which helps move the bipartisan bill toward a formal debate and possible passage. After months of negotiations, the Senate voted 67-32 to start a formal Senate consideration toward debating the infrastructure deal ...

Bipartisan infrastructure bill will drop IRS funding provision says GOP Sen. Portman

U.S. 07/19/21, 18:33

A $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill will exclude proposed tougher tax enforcement, a Republican from Ohio said. Sen. Rob Portman is deeply concerned about his colleagues sacrificing a major Internal Revenue Service (IRS) revenue-raising measure, to rescue a bipartisan deal with the Democratic Party. Portman believes it is important to hold suspected tax ...

Trump, Democratic leaders meet for Round 2 on infrastructure

Politics 05/21/19, 23:56

Reality has set in during the three weeks since President Donald Trump and Democratic congressional leaders agreed to work together on a $2 trillion package to invest in roads, bridges and broadband. Republican leaders in Congress have shown little enthusiasm for the price tag, and even less for the idea of ...

No. 2 House GOP leader says $2T infrastructure cost too high

Politics 05/02/19, 10:42

The No. 2 House GOP leader is suggesting Congress probably won't do the $2 trillion infrastructure deal the White House and congressional leaders are seeking. Rep. Steve Scalise told reporters Thursday that the price tag will be "a lot lower" than the $2 trillion Democrats say President Donald Trump supports. He ...

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