Omicron case surge changes daily life across US

News 01/02/22, 17:26

The increase in COVID-19 cases affects people's lives all around the U.S. Experts warn of a COVID-19 rise in the U.S. as the Omicron form explodes at an unprecedented rate. As of Friday, Dec. 31, 2021, according to the most recent data from Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 386,000 new ...

Youngest ever Briton mother, 11, gives birth to healthy baby

News 06/28/21, 00:11

An 11-year-old girl has become the youngest mother to give birth in the United Kingdom. The child was only 10-years-old when she first received the news, and was pregnant for more than 30 weeks before successfully giving birth in early June 2021. The infant is in good health and temporarily in ...

Masks save lives says Gov. Northam, but is caught not wearing one at beach

U.S. 05/26/20, 19:02

The Democratic governor of Virginia gave his constituents “homework” over the weekend, urging them to source out face masks if they didn’t already have one—and wear it. However he forgot one important detail. Gov. Ralph Northam, a pediatric neurologist, told reporters on Friday wearing a mask meant one “could literally save ...

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