Trump shows respect for Tulsi Gabbard

Politics 12/23/19, 06:39

Addressing at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit, President Trump said his respect for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) for her attitude toward the House impeachment vote, reported The Blaze. "I give her respect. She didn't vote the other day. I give her a lot of respect because she knew it was ...

Trump campaign raises over $5 million on day of impeachment vote

U.S. 12/19/19, 08:05

On Wednesday night, Dec. 18, when the Democrats were busy with the vote on impeachment against President Trump, over $5 million was provided to his presidential campaign, reported Daily Caller. Brad Pascarle, the president's campaign manager praised it as "Incredible fundraising numbers" in his tweet on Dec. 18, saying that it ...

Nancy Pelosi shuts down Democratic applause after impeachment vote

Politics 12/18/19, 22:35

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Wednesday night, Dec. 18, shut down the cheering from her fellow Democrats as the House was making a historic vote on impeachment of President Donald Trump.  After announcing the article charging President Trump with abuse of power had been adopted, Pelosi glared at Democrats and ...

Adam Schiff booed on House floor ahead of impeachment vote

Politics 12/18/19, 21:56

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) was met with loud protests from House Republicans as he spoke on the House floor on Wednesday, Dec. 18, ahead of the impeachment vote against President Donald Trump. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who had led the impeachment inquiry, compared the president's actions regarding his ...

President Trump urges Americans to say a prayer on impeachment day

Politics 12/18/19, 16:59

President Donald Trump urged Americans to pray on Wednesday, Dec. 18, for a positive outcome from the impeachment vote against him driven by the Democratic opposition. "Can you believe that I will be impeached today by the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, AND I DID NOTHING WRONG!" President Trump wrote on ...

Pelosi and Schiff slammed over impeachment inquiry against Trump

Politics 10/16/19, 18:08

Amid Democratic lawmakers’ push for the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, House Republicans have risen to combat the biased nature and lack of transparency in the investigation. “You have a better chance of getting a fair justice system in China than you do in Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi’s movement here inside ...

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