Homeland Security extends immigration protections for 4 countries

Politics 03/02/19, 00:15

Homeland Security officials have formally extended protections that allowed immigrants from four countries to live and work legally in the United States. The move Thursday complies with a federal judge’s ruling that halted the decision to discontinue temporary protected status (TPS) for people from Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti and El Salvador. The California ...

Dutch church ends 24/7 service after govt policy shift

Europe 01/30/19, 08:10

A Dutch Protestant church has ended a non-stop service that started in October to protect a family of Armenian asylum-seekers from deportation after the government announced changes to its immigration policy.The Bethel Church, a small chapel in a Hague residential neighborhood, announced the end of the 24-7 service Wednesday, a ...

Trump confirms ‘amnesty is not a part of my offer’ and warns Nancy

Politics 01/20/19, 12:16

President Donald Trump on Sunday reminds House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about millions of people living in the country illegally and confirm his offer to Democrats not amnesty. Trump tweets that, “there will be no big push to remove the 11,000,000 plus people who are here illegally,” but adds: “be careful Nancy!” ...

What is DACA?

Politics 01/19/19, 19:05

It allows some individuals brought to the US illegally as children to receive renewable periods of protection from deportation, plus eligibility for work permits

Immigration by the numbers

Politics 01/08/19, 14:38

With immigration being the linchpin issue the government shutdown centers on, let's take a look at immigration by the numbers and try and sort through the accusations that President Trump is exaggerating the need for a border wall. Understanding immigration as it exists—the different ways to enter the United States—and the ...

Supreme Court rejects Trump plea to enforce asylum ban

Politics 12/21/18, 15:17

The Supreme Court won't let the Trump administration begin enforcing a ban on asylum for any immigrants who illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border. Chief Justice John Roberts joined his four more liberal colleagues Friday in ruling against the administration in the very case in which President Donald Trump had derided the ...

‘Zero-tolerance’ immigration policy hits snag in California

California 12/18/18, 01:09

One by one, U.S. Magistrate Judge William Gallo called the names of 14 defendants who were charged with entering the country illegally. Defense attorneys told him the government had already deported them to Mexico, making it impossible for them to appear. In a rebuke to the government, the judge immediately dismissed ...

How President Trump is toughening asylum rules for immigrants

Politics 11/08/18, 23:38

President Donald Trump’s administration is clamping down on asylum rules for immigrants coming to the United States, the White House announced Thursday. The Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department jointly issued a new rule requiring that immigrants seeking asylum along the southern border must present themselves lawfully at a ...

US immigration officials move to restrict asylum at border

Politics 11/08/18, 19:46

The Trump administration said Thursday it will deny asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally, invoking extraordinary presidential national security powers to tighten the border as caravans of Central Americans slowly approach the United States. The measures are meant to funnel asylum seekers through official border crossings for speedy rulings, ...

Austria says it won’t sign UN global migration pact

Europe 10/31/18, 04:57

The Austrian government said Wednesday that it won't sign a global compact to promote safe and orderly migration, citing concerns about national sovereignty as it joined neighboring Hungary in shunning the agreement. Conservative Chancellor Sebastian Kurz took office last December in a coalition with the nationalist, anti-migration Freedom Party. Austria currently ...

6 Big Moments in Trump-Stahl Rumble on ‘60 Minutes’

Politics 10/16/18, 02:31

Much of Donald Trump’s “60 Minutes” interview Sunday consisted of responding to veteran CBS News reporter Lesley Stahl’s questions on what have been Democrats’ talking points for months. During one exchange, President Trump described to Stahl how the media treated his predecessor, President Barack Obama, much differently. “I disagree, but I don’t want to ...

Parents face tougher rules to get immigrant children back

U.S. 09/22/18, 09:08

The drama of parents being separated from their children at the border dominated the headlines this summer. But thousands of immigrant families are experiencing a similar frustration with new hurdles to take custody of sons, daughters and relatives who crossed the border on their own.The Trump administration has imposed more ...

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