Antifa sets Portland ICE building on fire with officers inside

U.S. 04/11/21, 17:44

Antifa targeted the Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Portland, Oregon, early Sunday morning, April 11, setting fire to the building's exterior as officers were reportedly trapped inside. The brawl marked yet another night of chaos in the City of Roses, where violent demonstrations have raged almost every night for nearly ...

Migrants to be released in areas distant from border detention centers

U.S. 02/22/21, 03:22

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers plan to release migrants into the U.S. directly into communities distant from the border. Border Patrol agents will rely on ICE officers to conduct migrant releases when detention space is not available in the Texas Rio Grande Valley.  Border Patrol officials are instructed to conduct ...

US to lose millions of jobs as Biden seeks to hire foreign workforce

U.S. 02/08/21, 15:52

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), millions of Americans could become unemployed over the next three to four years as President Joe Biden seeks to fill American jobs with foreign workers. A report released this month by CBO analysts details that the number of unemployed Americans, all of whom want ...

US Customs seizes 3 cargos of counterfeit goods from China

U.S. 12/19/20, 11:18

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) authorities reported on Dec. 17 that they seized three charges in Los Angeles filled with counterfeit products such as Viagra pills, headphones, sneakers, etc., worth $32 million, Breitbart reported. "The counterfeit items included more than one million erectile dysfunction pills, footwear, belts, purses and headphones in ...

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