Missing the monarchs: Iconic butterflies are scarce in Idaho

California 01/26/19, 14:29

Something catastrophically wrong happened in 2018 to monarch butterflies.Idaho wildlife biologist Ross Winton spent years working with monarch butterflies. With the help of volunteers, he would carefully put a tiny tag the size of a paper hole punch on about 30 to 50 of the iconic insects each summer in ...

Idaho lab protects US infrastructure from cyber attacks

Tech 12/24/18, 12:17

The United States is rushing to catch up with what cybersecurity experts say are threats to critical infrastructure control systems by hackers to energy pipelines, hydroelectric projects, drinking water systems and nuclear power plants.The Idaho National Laboratory's cybersecurity labs and offices next year will move into a massive cybersecurity building, ...

Montana woman rescues wandering llama from Yellowstone park

Amazing 11/02/18, 17:31

A pack llama that escaped from a guided hike in southern Yellowstone National Park in August was rescued by a Montana outfitter last weekend, just days before most of the park's entrances were to close for winter preparations."I just had to help him," Susi Huelsmeyer-Sinay with Yellowstone Llamas in Bozeman, ...

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