New Orleans escapes Barry’s fury, despite extensive flooding

Trending 07/15/19, 16:41

New Orleans and Louisiana escaped the brunt of Barry’s fury over the weekend, as the tropical storm was downgraded. Despite losing its strength, Barry was still dumping heavy rain on parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and including Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said Monday that Barry “could have ...

Barry crawls ashore in Louisiana, weakens to tropical storm

U.S. 07/13/19, 13:22

Carrying "off the chart" amounts of moisture, Barry crawled ashore Saturday in Louisiana and quickly weakened to a tropical storm that promised to dump heavy rains that could last for days and pose a test of the flood-prevention systems built after Hurricane Katrina 14 years ago. The storm made landfall near ...

Earlier release sought in deadly post-Katrina shooting

U.S. 06/01/19, 03:14

A former New Orleans police officer imprisoned for his role in the deadly shooting of unarmed civilians amid post-Hurricane Katrina chaos asked a federal court Friday to move up his 2020 release date, citing prison reform legislation passed by Congress last year. Robert Faulcon was one of four officers convicted in ...

New Orleans at ‘crossroads’ as newly homeless numbers rise

U.S. 04/26/19, 15:43

Daylight seeps through holes in the ceiling as 22-year-old Royon Rene Burbank walks across the sagging floor, the dirt below visible through gaps where rotten boards have given way. A single mother working two jobs yet still unable to afford rent in New Orleans, Burbank lives with her toddler son ...

King: Katrina victims only asked for help, unlike Iowans

U.S. 03/22/19, 15:14

Republican Steve King says he was told that victims of Hurricane Katrina only asked for help, unlike people in his home state of Iowa, who "take care of each other." The Iowa congressman told a town hall meeting in Charter Oak he visited New Orleans multiple times after the deadly 2005 ...

Sorrow revisited: Re-creating Katrina’s muck in New Orleans

U.S. 03/20/19, 00:22

Patches of black mold on the ceiling. Water marks on the dingy walls. Toys, furniture and a baby grand piano tossed about and covered in a gray muck.The busted floodwall behind the long-abandoned house in New Orleans' Gentilly neighborhood was mended over a decade ago but the house looks, again, ...

Louisiana seeking ways to lessen $3B flood-protection debt

U.S. 01/25/19, 12:34

Louisiana welcomed federal flood-protection money in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in a deal that didn't require the state to begin repaying its share for a decade. But now that bill is coming due, and it has ballooned to a dismaying $3 billion because of accumulated interest. The looming payments have ...

Florida Gov. accepts election chief’s resignation

U.S. 01/25/19, 06:30

Florida's top elections official abruptly resigned Thursday after a newspaper obtained pictures of him in blackface dressed as a Hurricane Katrina victim at a 2005 party. Gov. Ron DeSantis accepted Secretary of State Michael Ertel's resignation.

Florida elections chief resigns when blackface photos emerge

U.S. 01/24/19, 17:10

Florida's top elections official abruptly resigned Thursday after a newspaper obtained pictures of him in blackface dressed as a Hurricane Katrina victim at a 2005 party.Secretary of State Michael Ertel, who had been on the job less than three weeks, resigned just hours after he testified about election lawsuits before ...

Death tolls often rise weeks after storm hits

U.S. 09/17/18, 02:07

More than six months after Hurricane Irma's catastrophic rampage across the Caribbean and the southeastern United States, the number of deaths attributed to the storm increased to 129 — more than twice the amount reported at the end of the storm.

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