Russia accidentally sanctions Biden’s dead father

Trending 03/15/22, 23:42

Earth's largest country inadvertently economically isolated the president's deceased parent on March 15. The Russian government recently sanctioned the wrong Joe Biden. "President Biden is a junior so they may have [accidentally] sanctioned his dad, may he rest in peace," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said according to Reuters. Even if the ...

Fox News allegedly blocked Rudy Giuliani without reason

U.S. 09/27/21, 19:08

A former attorney for the previous president accused a multinational media company of banning him on Sept. 24. Rudy Giuliani claims Fox News blocked him from appearing on the network for no reason. "They just said I am banned," he said according to Newsmax. Donald Trump's former personal lawyer suspects he was barred ...

New video on Hunter Biden reveals disturbing facts

U.S. 08/12/21, 16:20

In another explosive video recently revealed, Hunter Biden told a prostitute that Russians stole another of his laptops while using drugs at a Las Vegas hotel. This would be the third of the laptops that Hunter, the son of President Joe Biden, lost with information that seriously compromises him in scandalous ...

Rudy Giuliani’s apartment and office in New York raided by federal agents

U.S. 04/29/21, 00:19

A search warrant of the former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani's apartment and office was executed on Wednesday morning, a decision promoted from a year-long investigation into his relationship with Ukraine.  Giuliani's electronic devices including laptops and cellphones were seized during the FBI's probe, FoxNews.  Giuliani, former NYC mayor, was former President ...

Biden administration withholds $150M of Ukraine aid amid Russia—Ukraine tensions

U.S. 04/14/21, 03:07

As part of an attempt to pressure Ukraine into making "appropriate progress on crucial security reforms this year," the Biden Administration is withdrawing $150 million in military funding that Congress had already approved. According to One America News Network, the withholding of funds came amid disruptive Russian military exercises near Ukraine's ...

Hunter Biden’s leaked text messages show secret service protection:report

U.S. 04/10/21, 19:03

Data extracted from Hunter Biden's alleged laptop revealed another Secret Service action for the President's son.  Hunter's laptop's content that includes 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, and more than 2,000 photos, has been acquired by the DailyMail. It reviewed that the Secret Service was employed as Hunter's guard during his week-long Hollywood ...

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