President Trump makes America great again by hard stance on China

Opinion 03/21/19, 15:36

“China is finally being forced to confront an American president who is willing to use all the tools of national influence to impose costs for Chinese aggression,” former Senator Jim Talent from Missouri wrote on Fox News. “Under President Trump, the United States has finally recognized the comprehensiveness of the challenge ...

Rights activist gets 4-year sentence in Russia’s Chechnya

Europe 03/18/19, 14:59

A court in Russia's province of Chechnya on Monday sentenced a prominent rights activist to four years imprisonment on drug charges widely seen as an effort by authorities to stifle a critical voice.The court in the Chechen town of Shali found Oyub Titiyev guilty of drug possession and sent him ...

China says 13,000 Xinjiang ‘terrorists’ arrested since 2014

China 03/18/19, 02:19

China has arrested nearly 13,000 people it describes as terrorists and has broken up hundreds of "terrorist gangs" in Xinjiang since 2014, the government said in a report Monday issued to counter international criticism of its system of internment camps and other oppressive security in the traditionally Islamic region. The lengthy ...

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