Intel apologizes to Chinese regime after rejecting Xinjiang slave labor

China 12/24/21, 12:25

After the world's largest integrated circuit producer Intel Corp. asked its suppliers to avoid slave labor by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the Xinjiang region, it expressed its regret in a letter.  In its letter it wrote: "We deeply apologize for the confusion caused to our respected Chinese customers, partners ...

Beijing Olympics boycott: Belgium follows in the footstep of US & UK

China 12/16/21, 18:32

On Dec. 14, the Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo confirmed during a parliamentary meeting that Belgium would not send officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics, aligning with the US, Canada, Britain, Lithuania, Australia, Estonia and others. Rep. Samuel Cogolati, a member of the Chamber of Representatives, first announced it on ...

Expert: Australia passes Magnitsky Act, completes the enclosed defense against China

China 12/07/21, 16:38

Australia passed the Magnitsky Act on Dec. 2, becoming the last country approving the legislation and setting the free nation's circle free from the forces abusing human rights, Sound of Hope reported. According to Professor Zhang Tianliang, the actions of the Magnitsky Act against human rights abuses are pretty severe. For example, Chen Quanguo, ...

US to impose new sanctions targeting corrupt actors and human-rights abusers

China 12/06/21, 15:21

The U.S. is expected to introduce new sanctions targeting world officials at the "Democracy Summit" scheduled between Dec. 2 and 10. The penalties will be against foreign government officials and those involved in corruption and human rights violations. According to Reuters, the Department of the Treasury said on Dec. 1 that they ...

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