Hu Jintao case: Japanese media reveals the inside story

Insights 11/10/22, 15:27

While the fact of former CCP leader Hu Jintao being forced out of the 20th National Congress in front of the domestic and foreign media was gradually fading. However, Japanese media outlet Xikan Fuji published an in-depth investigation and interviewed senior reporter Kenji Minemura on November 9, which revealed more ...

Experts: Hu Jintao’s ‘humiliation’ planned by Wang Huning

Trending 10/25/22, 14:02

The CCP’s 20th National Congress is seen as the meeting where Xi Jinping used his re-election to further consolidate and enhance his power. At the closing meeting, former Party leader Hu Jintao was suddenly forced to leave in the middle of the meeting, drawing public attention. Since detailed information is ...

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