Yemen: Looting and hostage-taking at the US embassy

Middle East 11/12/21, 16:08

A gang of Houthi militiamen stormed the U.S. embassy facility in Yemen, and after taking at least 25 hostages, stole "large amounts of equipment and materials," the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported. "The alleged raid comes after the Houthis kidnapped three Yemeni nationals affiliated with the U.S. Embassy from ...

US national security adviser in UAE amid tensions with Iran

Politics 05/28/19, 22:20

President Donald Trump's national security adviser, a longtime hawk on Iran, is visiting the United Arab Emirates amid heightened tensions across the Persian Gulf. John Bolton tweeted he had arrived in the Emirates for meetings Wednesday "to discuss important and timely regional security matters." America recently deployed an aircraft carrier and B-52 ...

Iran’s regional proxies ensure it will never fight alone

World 05/17/19, 02:07

In the event of war with the United States, Iran "will not be alone." That message was delivered by the leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah militant group to a mass rally in Beirut in February marking the 40th anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution. "If America launches war on Iran, it will not ...

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