Hong Kong is terrorized by the Chinese regime

Social problem 10/10/22, 15:31

Beijing's communist doctrine, "one country, two systems," was implemented in 1997 in Hong Kong after the agreement with the United Kingdom and took off with the approval of the amendment to the "Fugitive Offenders (Extradition) Ordinance" of 2019. However, the anti-extradition movement generated against this regulation was the pinnacle of Hong ...

Street musician arrested in Hong Kong for performing pro-freedom song

China 05/26/21, 00:31

The 22-year-old street musician Oliver Ma was arrested on Friday in Hong Kong on charges of causing "public disorder" after singing 'Glory to Hong Kong,' the unofficial anthem of the 2019 pro-democracy protests Breitbart reported. The singer—now out on bail—explained that he was not trying to send a political message and ...

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