Hong Kong Tiananmen vigil group disbands over Chinese crackdown

World 09/26/21, 05:21

A Hong Kong group that has organized an annual memorial on June 4 to honor the massacre of students in China's 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown is disbanding. The Hong Kong Alliance pro-democracy group reached their decision by vote on Saturday, Sept. 25, after apparent pressure from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ...

CCP exhibits ‘thuggish’ diplomacy at Biden admin’s first visit to China

U.S. 07/28/21, 00:46

Beijing officials seemingly behaved more like violent criminals at the Biden administration's first official visit to mainland China. The U.S. deputy secretary of state met with Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Vice Minister Xie Feng in Tianjin city. They tried to hold diplomatic talks about bilateral relations on July 26. Wendy Sherman ...

Lithuania defies CCP: Taiwan to open Europe’s first embassy in Vilnius

Europe 07/23/21, 00:59

On July 20, 2021, Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it will open a representative office in Lithuania's capital that will be the first 'embassy' in Europe to bear the island's name, defying the CCP's 'one China' policy. According to Taiwan News, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said the name of ...

US sanctions 14 Chinese officials for repression in Hong Kong

Asia & Pacific 12/07/20, 17:39

After the United States sanctioned Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, and 10 other officials, it is now extending the measure against 14 more legislators for repression against citizens. "The U.S. is sanctioning the senior leadership of China’s National People’s Congress in connection with developing, adopting, and implementing the National Security ...

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