Struggling cafe owner shows homeless man job, not the door

U.S. 09/10/19, 09:48

A homeless man got more than he bargained for when he entered Cesia Abigail's cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cesia Abigail, a cafe owner in America's Midwest, said a homeless man named Marcus came into her restaurant asking for money. Instead of showing him the door, she hired him and paid him ...

2 homeless men allegedly broke into home, cooked meal and showering

U.S. 12/27/18, 11:50

Spillman says the pair started talking to him and asked if he minded if they "hang out for a while" and said they weren't expecting him back home so soon. Two homeless men have been charged with burglary after a California man said he came home to find them cooking dinner. Robby ...

Homeless man spent 3 months searching for owner of lost ring

U.S. 12/26/18, 11:42

A homeless man in Lexington who found a Georgetown College football ring has returned it to its owner after 3 months-long search. The Lexington Herald-Leader reports Robert "Shorty" Eads found the ring while working for a program that is meant to stop panhandling by putting the jobless to work collecting trash. “I ...

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