How California’s liberal laws led to increased crime

U.S. 11/28/19, 15:41

In the state of California, the controversial Proposition 47 passed five years ago, which prevents police from arresting those who steal goods worth less than $950. This led to an increase in shoplifting. The powerless businessmen know that the police won't respond to their complaints, and so the thieves shamelessly take ...

Native American student who was homeless and hungry receives doctorate degree

U.S. 11/27/19, 13:29

A Native American student, who was homelessness, was determined to complete his undergrad and graduate degrees despite all the odds. Dakota Kay, a 26-year-old doctoral graduate, hoped his story may help inspire those who are struggling to follow their dreams. Although Dakota grew up in humble beginnings in the Navajo Nation in ...

California’s homeless crisis on the rise under Democrat rule

U.S. 11/26/19, 15:04

The crisis of the homeless that plagues the state of California is steadily increasing and local authorities are responsible for so many people living on the streets, said Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson. Carson issued a statement on behalf of President Donald Trump urging state leaders to work ...

Detroit Police officer helps homeless man struggling to shave

U.S. 09/22/19, 13:03

A homeless man was struggling over a puddle on the side of the road, trying to rinse off the disposable razor and give himself a shave, when a Detroit police officer stepped in to help. Jill Metiva Schafer happened to be walking by, and she captured the deed on camera. "What a ...

President Trump takes action on California’s homeless crisis

U.S. 09/11/19, 13:48

The Trump administration has decided to take action on the homeless crisis in the Democratic state of California. Two officials from the White House and the Department of Housing and Urban Development traveled to California Tuesday, Sept. 10, to meet with city leaders in Los Angeles and other urban centers, according ...

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