Judge lets homeless man live in truck without being towed

Washington 08/16/21, 17:59

A Washington state court will let a homeless man sleep inside his vehicle in peace on Aug. 12. King County Superior Court recently ruled Steven Long is exempt from Seattle's 72-hour parking rule because he lives on the streets. Long will be able to spend the night in his 2000 GMC ...

CDC introduces new eviction moratorium until October

U.S. 08/03/21, 23:55

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced a new federal eviction moratorium until at least Oct. 3. Landlords are prohibited from evicting residents in parts of the United States where "substantial and high levels" of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus infections have been reported for 60 days. The safety ...

Kindhearted kids build new home for struggling veteran family

Inspired Stories 07/05/21, 01:19

A group of children showed there are still shining examples of pure hearted and unconditional love in the community. These days it is increasingly rare to find a selfless act of generosity or kindness amidst a metaphorical vortex of money, status, power, and beauty. However, Georgian school students surprised a struggling veteran ...

Manhattan school installs free laundry to aid homeless students

New York 02/26/20, 06:25

A Manhattan school is installing a washer and dryer in the building to help students who may not have access to them due to homelessness. Over 100,000 students were homeless in New York City during 2018-2019, and officials at P.S. 132 in Washington Heights said nearly one-quarter of its students are ...

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