‘World’s largest’ treasure hoard might soon be uncovered

Europe 11/03/21, 15:31

Treasure hunters are on the verge of discovering what they call the "world's largest treasure hoard." The Temple Twelve team has searched for the "Lemminkainen Hoard," which comprises of gold, jewels, and antiques since 1987. They believe spades, buckets and other rudimentary instruments helped them reach the hoard in Finland, estimated ...

9/11 event now being taught as part of history in schools

U.S. 09/12/19, 17:43

It has been 18 years since the World Trade Center in New York City was attacked on Sept.11, 2001. Babies born after that event are now entering college, and they are being taught about 9/11 as part of history. According to a 2017 analysis of state high school social studies academic ...

7 of the Most Epic Midterm Elections in American History

Politics 11/05/18, 23:36

President Donald Trump isn’t on the ballot, but will face the biggest electoral test of his presidency so far during Tuesday’s midterm election—one that may well end in repudiation or vindication. History is not on any president’s side in a midterm election. Since 1862, the president’s party on average loses 32 House ...

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