Extreme weather in Henan, terrifying scenes videotaped

Disasters 07/27/22, 00:33

Recently, Henan has continuously suffered from extreme weather. The Henan Meteorological Station predicts that from July 25 to 28, most provinces will have short-term showers and thunderstorms, and some counties and cities in the northwest and central and eastern regions will have heavy rain. A video compilation on July 25 showed ...

VIDEO: China’s Henan suffers worst flooding for over 1000 years

Enviroment 07/21/21, 17:47

Xinhua News, China's state-run news agency, reported extensive flooding in China's Henan Province had killed at least 25 people after days of the heaviest rain in 1,000 years jammed the region's roadways and subway systems, forcing at least 100,000 residents to evacuate.More rainstorms are expected to lash the province’s central, ...

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