Texas appeals court order blocking ‘Heartbeat’ anti-abortion law

Texas 10/07/21, 16:15

Texas's attorney general office vowed to appeal a court order that blocks the state's "Heartbeat" law on Oct. 6. Federal Judge Robert Pitman temporarily blocked legislation that bans abortion after a fetus heartbeat is detected–roughly six weeks into pregnancy. This came despite the rule saving more than 3,000 unborn babies since ...

Texas bans abortion pills after 7 weeks of pregnancy

Texas 09/22/21, 01:00

On Monday, Sept. 20, the governor of Texas passed a law that bans the administration and sale of abortion pills after seven weeks of pregnancy and penalizes those who violate the recently passed 'heartbeat' law with imprisonment and substantial fines. SB4, a companion to SB8 better known as the heartbeat law ...

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