90% of ‘hate speech’ removed from Facebook is directed at white people

Tech 11/22/21, 06:25

Algorithms used by Facebook to suppress what the Big Tech monopoly labels as hate speech identify overwhelmingly more bigotry and prejudice against white people and men. 90% of the content removed by Facebook's algorithms was aimed towards demographics, demonstrating that "hate speech" against other racial groups and women is smaller. The ...

Textile firm boycotts Facebook advertising due to low moral values

California 11/01/21, 16:56

A Californian outdoor clothing company canceled all paid advertising on one social media platform for putting "profits over people." Ventura-headquartered Patagonia boycotted all paid Facebook ads because the internet company allegedly spreads "hate speech" and "misinformation" about U.S. democracy and climate change theory. "Internal Facebook documents released over the last few weeks ...

Facebook bans paid ads warning about widespread voting or election fraud

2022 Campaign 10/01/20, 02:31

One of the world’s largest internet companies is prohibiting political advertising much earlier than expected. Facebook Inc. has confirmed it will no longer approve paid election messages that warn voters about widespread electoral fraud due to increased postal voting at the upcoming election on Nov. 3. The company cited "hate speech" rules ...

Pro ‘anarchist’ Facebook pulls Trump 2020 election ads for promoting ‘hate group’s symbol’

2022 Campaign 06/19/20, 04:57

One of the world’s largest internet companies sided with anti-government protesters and removed election advertising because it allegedly encouraged violence against people belonging to another race. Facebook Inc. has publicly expressed solidarity with extreme "anarchist" civil unrest that swept across the nation since Minnesotan George Floyd died in police custody. Local ...

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