Serbian troops placed on alert after Kosovo police arrests

World 05/28/19, 03:43

Serbia ordered its troops to full alert on Tuesday as tensions soared in the Balkans amid reports that heavily armed Kosovo police entered Serb-populated regions of the former Serbian province and made several arrests.Serbia's state TV said shots were heard and tear gas was used as Kosovo's special police "burst ...

Kosovo: EU “too weak” to steer talks with Serbia

Europe 04/29/19, 11:49

Kosovo's president is ruling out any prospect of an agreement on his country's relations with Serbia without the participation of the United States, saying Monday that the European Union is "too weak and disunited" to steer negotiations between the feuding Balkan neighbors on its own. Hashim Thaci's comments came after a ...

Kosovo marks 2008 independence with military parade

Europe 02/17/19, 08:57

Kosovo has marked the 11th anniversary of its declaration of independence from Serbia with a parade featuring soldiers from the national army it created last year despite opposition.President Hashim Thaci said the infantry troops carrying light weaponry on Sunday paraded as a "professional, multiethnic army serving the youngest country in ...

interview: Kosovo president hopes for deal with Serbia

Europe 02/14/19, 14:37

The president of Kosovo said Thursday he thinks there is "good momentum" to reach an agreement this year to normalize ties with Serbia.Kosovo commemorates its 2008 declaration of independence on Feb. 17 each year. It is recognized as its own country by 116 nations, but not by the one from ...

Kosovo president: Decision to form army ‘irreversible’

Europe 12/16/18, 12:05

The decision to transform Kosovo's security force into an army is "irreversible," the country's president said Sunday while offering assurance that a new national military does not threaten ethnic Serbs living in the former Serbian province.President Hashim Thaci gave a briefing on the army plan before he left for New ...

Tension flares in Kosovo over possible land swap with Serbia

Europe 09/29/18, 09:27

Tension flared in a familiar section of the Balkans as thousands of people marched Saturday in Kosovo's capital against a possible territory swap with former war foe Serbia, while the Serbian government put its troops on alert after special police were deployed to Kosovo's Serb-dominated north.Serbia reacted after Kosovo's special ...

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