Harvard on the verge of censorship: They tried to ban a talk by Trump officials

U.S. 11/28/20, 15:18

A petition that circulated among Harvard University students and faculty from Nov. 17, attempted to bar Trump administration officials from teaching, speaking or attending the institution because of their connection to the president. The renowned university has been repeatedly criticized for serious censorship of conservative or traditional ideas.  Harvard University is ...

Kansas teen will get high school, Harvard diplomas in same month

U.S. 12/28/18, 13:32

A 16-year-old Kansas boy will soon earn his high school diploma — and a few days later he'll travel to Harvard to collect his bachelor's degree. Ulysses High School senior Braxton Moral will attend both commencement ceremonies in May, becoming the only student to successfully pursue a four-year high school degree ...

Diversity among Asians divides them on affirmative action

World 11/02/18, 10:04

A federal judge in Boston is scheduled to hear closing arguments Friday in a highly publicized lawsuit alleging that elite Harvard discriminates against Asian-Americans.Much of the spotlight has been on affluent Chinese-Americans with stellar academic scores who say the college rejects Asians in favor of lesser-qualified applicants. They say factoring ...

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