Defense secretary admits Taliban fighters beat US evacuees in Afghanistan

Middle East 08/22/21, 18:11

Joe Biden's top defense policymaker and adviser came clean about a militant group mistreating U.S. citizens who are trying to flee Afghanistan, on Aug. 20. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed Taliban fighters physically and verbally abused Americans for trying to evacuate Kabul. The military veteran criticized the behavior as inadmissible. "We are ...

Texas Rangers indefinitely ban man for harassing Latinos at game

Texas 08/09/19, 19:17

The Texas Rangers have identified the man accused of harassing a Latino family during a home game Saturday, Aug. 3, and banned him indefinitely from the team's games at Globe Life Park. Shortly after Saturday's game against the Detroit Tigers at Globe Life Park, Jessica Romero posted to Facebook that during ...

“Mini AOC” accounts deleted after family gets death threats

U.S. 07/05/19, 09:44

All social media accounts from the 8-year-old, Ava Martinez, who made impersonation videos to mock Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have been shut down as her family was getting death threats and and being harassed.  The family said in a tweet, “The Left’s harassment and death threats has gone too ...

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