Science is close to having nuclear fusion reactor as soon as 2025

Tech 11/23/21, 23:58

Nuclear fusion, the same natural process that powers the sun and stars, can be the ultimate green energy source on earth.  While it poses secrets and hurdles that scientists have not been able to crack, a group of researchers is confident they may replicate the process within four years, according to ...

COP26: UK and India to connect power grids for green energy development

United Kingdom 11/04/21, 19:58

England and India introduced an interconnected solar grid agreement at the COP26 climate summit Tuesday, Nov. 2. Dubbed the Green Grids Initiative—One Sun One World One Grid (GGI-OSOWOG), the plan aims to boost faster transition to greener energy, according to Reuters. Endorsed by more than 80 nations worldwide, the linked grids are ...

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