CCP against nature: Want to eliminate mosquitoes

Disasters 09/17/22, 14:08

On September 14, a proposal by the deputies of the National People's Congress of China turned users on the Weibo social network, one of the largest in China, to make all kinds of sarcastic and indignant comments, reaching more than 64 million entries in a few hours. The deputies presented At ...

How the Chinese regime uses ‘fear-mongering’ strategy to manipulate people

Opinion 10/12/21, 04:25

In business, many companies have successfully applied marketing tactics based on capturing this fear-mongering strategy—take the example of Listerine. Starting from just one ad depicting a girl who had never been able to become a bride because of bad breath, Listerine's revenue increased from $115,000 to $8,000,000 per year. It is ...

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