Over 200 US newspapers sue Big Tech giants

U.S. 12/09/21, 04:29

Over the last year, over 200 newspapers across the U.S. have joined antitrust cases against Google and Facebook. According to the lawsuits, Facebook and Google monopolized the digital advertising industry, siphoning off cash that should have gone to local news organizations. The case began as an attempt by small-town newspapers to take ...

36 states sue Google for monopoly, join international plaintiffs

U.S. 07/08/21, 16:28

The attorneys general of 36 U.S. states and the attorney general of the District of Columbia sued the technology giant Google for its possible monopoly with the app store. The United Kingdom, France, and Australia have filed similar cases. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in California, on Wednesday, July ...

France stands against Google’s monopoly: fine of $268 million

Tech 06/08/21, 18:41

The French competition authority, L'Autorité de la Concurrence, has fined Google U.S. $268 million in a case related to the online advertising technology market. According to the watchdog, Google allegedly breached regulations due to its monopolistic position in ad servers for websites and mobile applications. The practices used by Google "are ...

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