Ancient city in China hit by massive sandstorm

China 07/27/21, 03:35

On Sunday, July 25, just after 3 pm local time, a massive sandstorm approached a historic city in China's northwestern region, devouring its buildings and covering everything in dust. According to the regional meteorological department, a sandstorm of more than 100-meter height has swept across Dunhuang City in China's Gansu Province, ...

China’s worst sandstorm in a decade forces cancellation of 400 flights

News 03/15/21, 18:02

The worst sandstorm in the last decade hit China's capital, Beijing, forcing the cancellation of 400 flights from the city's two main airports, aggravating the already high environmental pollution suffered by its inhabitants.  Likewise, urban traffic was disrupted and a large swath of northern China was also affected by the thousands ...

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