Destroying the family, the purpose of communism

Morality 10/27/22, 21:43

In recent years, the progressive agenda has attempted to forcefully change the social foundations that have accompanied humanity for most of history. The links of what appears to be a new line of thought with communism are becoming more and more evident, and even the manner of trying to impose ...

Three biggest weaknesses of Chinese military

China 09/29/21, 05:27

In recent years, the topic of China's military strength has become a hot topic. Many experts assess China's military vulnerability lies in the human factor. Weakness #1: No vitality Under the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) management, data on income, poverty reduction, and poverty reduction are faked in economic terms. In society, there ...

Globalism’s most feared enemy

Trending 05/22/21, 19:55

It is no secret that Vladimir Putin was trained in the Soviet Union's secret services. But this does not mean that he was or is a communist. To understand this, one must realize that within the USSR, there were many nationalist officials and military officers who, of course, acted in secret. In 1999, ...

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