NATO pledges to counter the Chinese regime’s advance over the next 10 years

China 10/23/21, 22:34

Defense ministers from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member countries met this week in Washington, where Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned of the regime's technological advances in armaments and nuclear systems, noting the need to strengthen the military alliance over the next decade to meet new challenges.  While the issue of ...

5 data showing the amazing V-shaped recovery of the US economy

U.S. 08/13/20, 18:22

President Donald Trump on Wednesday cited a series of indicators that demonstrate the V-shaped recovery that the United States is experiencing after the abrupt paralysis of the economy due to the spread of COVID-19, also called the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus. "We had to turn off the economy," the president ...

World Bank maintains US forecast, downgrades global growth amid trade war

Business 06/05/19, 05:35

The World Bank has kept its economic growth forecast for the United States unchanged, though it downgraded the outlook for the global economy amid trade conflicts and rising government debts. In the report “Global Economic Prospects: Heightened Tensions, Subdued Investment” released on June 4, the World Bank forecast the United States ...

G-20 chiefs: World economic growth to revive later this year

Business 04/12/19, 23:43

The global economy is likely to pull out of a brief growth slump later this year — with a little help from the world's central banks and from U.S. and Chinese trade negotiators. Global finance leaders gathered from the spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank agree ...

IMF chief: Trade conflicts threaten fragile world economy

Business 04/12/19, 01:20

With global growth slowing and many countries struggling with high debts, now is not the time for the "self-inflicted" economic wound of trade wars, the head of the International Monetary Fund is warning. "The key is to avoid the wrong policies, and this is especially the case for trade," IMF Managing ...

Top IMF official warns global economy facing various threats

Business 04/11/19, 10:49

The head of the 189-nation International Monetary Fund says the world is facing a time of high uncertainty with 70 percent of the global economy caught in a growth slowdown that could be worsened by self-inflicted wounds such as unnecessary trade battles. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde says that while her ...

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