President Trump is ‘moving forward’ with setting up a new social media platform

U.S. 03/31/21, 23:26

Former President Trump will directly compete against the world's largest social media companies to bypass their alleged suppression of free speech. Donald Trump has decided to proceed with his earlier proposal to establish a new social networking platform after being permanently banned from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Insiders, who know about ...

Cost of repairing damage caused by extreme ‘anarchist’ protests expected to reach $2 billion

2020 Campaign 09/17/20, 03:00

New data shows months of destructive anti-police protests left a record high repair bill for property owners. Nearly two weeks of looting of businesses and vandalism against religious and historical monuments created multibillion-dollar damages across the nation. The Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) estimates the total value of insurance claims across 20 states ...

GOP South Dakota Gov Noem rejects President Trump’s $300 weekly unemployment boost

U.S. 08/17/20, 03:13

A Republican, responsible for signing bills passed by the South Dakota State Legislature, is not interested in extra federal assistance for job seekers. Gov. Kristi Noem has politely turned down an additional $300 a week for South Dakotans without work promised in the Trump administration's Lost Wages Assistance presidential memo. The governor ...

‘Highly toxic political environment’ is creating false polls about President Trump’s re-election says Jeffrey Gundlach

2020 Campaign 08/13/20, 02:08

Opinion A well-known businessman revealed political divisions on Capitol Hill are affecting the accuracy of surveys on the outcome of the upcoming election. Jeffrey Gundlach has serious concerns about the impartiality of polls about President Donald Trump's bid for another four years in the Oval Office. "Will Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in ...

‘Radical’ Democrat Rep Omar faces a tough re-election campaign because she is ‘damn effective’ says AOC

2020 Campaign 08/05/20, 02:55

A democratic socialist from New York claims her radical colleague from Minnesota is struggling to raise election funds because she is so good at tearing down the country. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) defended the lackluster fundraising effort to re-elect fellow Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar and suggested the congresswoman's struggle to fundraise ...

Video: The last images of George Floyd before he died were leaked

U.S. 08/04/20, 18:31

The British Daily Mail has released new footage of a police officer killing George Floyd on May 25, which sparked a wave of protests in several cities. The footage came from the body cameras of Thomas Lane and Alex Kueng, two of the four officers who were part of the fatal ...

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