UN investigator accuses Iran of “egregious” human rights violations

Middle East 03/11/21, 19:22

UN Special Rapporteur Javaid Rehman told members of the Human Rights Council that Iran committed "egregious" human rights violations. The regime should be held accountable for a brutal crackdown on political and religious freedom, at least since public protests occurred in 2019, according to the March 10 Voice of America.  "It is ...

Nigerian Archbishop: ‘Christians are being killed like chickens’

Politics 01/19/21, 15:38

A Catholic priest was hacked to death on Jan. 16 in central Nigeria. Just one example in a string of deaths carried out by Muslim extremists. According to religious authorities, the federal government has not responded adequately, Breitbart reported. Rev. Father John Gbakaan went to visit his mother on Jan. 14 ...

Allegations of genocide by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continue

World 07/18/20, 15:15

More and more facts are coming to light that call the world to wake up to the atrocities committed against the Uighurs and other minorities under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Two recent events have once again brought the international community's attention to the Uighur minority in Xinjiang, China. On the ...

Omar received $1,500 in donations from Erdogan ally, campaign records show

Politics 10/31/19, 18:15

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) stashed away $1,500 in campaign donations from a lobbying group tied to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to campaign finance records. The Minnesota congresswoman was also photographed together with activist Halil Mutlu at an event for the Turkish American Steering Committee (TASC), an American-based nonprofit organization ...

Defining a genocide and story of live organ harvesting

China 09/11/18, 09:27

Prestigious international journal publishes article characterizing Chinese regime's long-running Falun Gong persecution as a ‘cold genocide’. What’s the difference between a cold genocide and a hot genocide? That’s one of the weighty issues discussed in a peer-reviewed article headed by a Canadian researcher published recently in the world’s top journal on ...

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